With the current national crisis impacting so many businesses of all sizes, this is a good time to think about where your dollars are going.

Before you renew your BBB membership, take a look at the
Better Business Bureau of Greater St. Louis by the numbers

2018 Federal Tax Filing):

CEO Michelle Corey 2018 compensation: $265,000+

Total payroll expense: Over $1.7 million
Total paid in
cold-call sales commission: $624,000
Total spent on advertising & promotion: Over $530,000
Cold-calls per day, per salesperson: 150

How can a tax-exempt, non-regulated, private entity that collects almost 100% of it's revenue
from business memberships (sold by commission salespeople through cold-calling) be objective in any way?

If you are a business paying annual dues, what is that expense actually doing for YOU?

Click here for PDF copy of the 2018 BBB St. Louis Federal Tax Filing

Better Business Requires Better Oversight.


Welcome to Better Oversight. Our mission is to educate, inform and assist businesses & consumers who have been victimized by the St. Louis Better Business Bureau. 

Better Oversight will hold the BBB accountable to their own purview and guidelines, while ensuring that letter grades are given on a fair and consistent basis to both member and non-member businesses. 

Read former employee (and volunteer?) comments here.

Mission and goals: 

Better Oversight is a coalition of businesses and consumers that are dedicated to protecting others from the actions of the St. Louis Better Business Bureau. Our four main objectives are: 


Many businesses and consumers are unaware of the true nature of the BBB. They are not a government agency, have no authority beyond their own self-mandated mission and they can only operate with revenue from memberships. This alone creates an environment that is not conducive to objective business ratings. 


The BBB St. Louis does not answer to anyone. While there is an association of BBBs, there is little that one can do to hold any one office accountable. Local media, even outlets that are not BBB members or that even have low ratings with the BBB, will often report press releases from the BBB verbatim, with little or no verification. 

Business Involvement

One of the more disturbing facts regarding the Better Business Bureau in St. Louis is that the executive staff have almost no experience working for, managing or owning a business. An investigator at the St. Louis BBB has no relative experience in either investigation or media. Yet thousands of businesses are at the mercy of this organization's system. 

Better Oversight believes that before any business is expelled or any media alert is issued, an advisory group of local business owners and executives should review and assess the case. 

Setting the Record Straight

Because the BBB decides internally what is and is not made public on their profiles of businesses, it is difficult to truly assess how a rating is determined. Large member businesses will often show a large number of resolved complaints, but the details are not available to the public. We will provide a forum for both consumers and businesses to set the record straight publicly.